6 Romantic Places for Candlelight Dinner in Jaipur (Updated for 2023)

Are you searching for the best place for a candlelight dinner in Jaipur? If so, then we have the top 6 romantic places in store for you! When searching a restaurant for a romantic dining experience, the things a couple usually looks for are a cozy spot that is quiet and just dark enough to make them feel they are alone in the whole world! While scouting the streets
of Jaipur for candlelight dinner experiences, we at CherishX also went with the above checklist and came up with the 6 best places for candlelight dinner in Jaipur

Top 6 Places for Candlelight Dinner In Jaipur 

  1. Romantic Open-Air Dinner

    Thinking of taking your loved one on a special date in Jaipur? Look no further! Here is just the thing for you and your partner — a candlelight open-air dinner with a mesmerizing view at one of the most beautiful locations in Jaipur. Sounds like a dream date? Well, not a dream anymore.

    open air dinner

    Cost: 2250 for a couple

    Inclusions: Open-air candlelight dinner set up, Private Butler, Welcome drinks for
    two, 5-course meal — salads, 2 Starters, Soups, 2 Veg Main Courses, 1 Dal
    Preparation, Rice, unlimited Assorted Bread, Desserts-ice-cream

    Place: Subhash Nagar road

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  2. Romantic Rooftop Cabana Dining

    So, if you’re looking for a Cabana date set-up, then this is a mesmerizing place for a candlelight dinner in Jaipur. Open sky, stars, a beautiful view, and pretty lights are something that can make anyone’s outing memorable. Keeping that in mind, the rooftop cabana dining experience has been curated. You can have an amazing 7- course meal with your love in a beautifully decorated cabana along with great music. The small garden in front gives you space to express your love with romantic dancing.

    rooftop cabana

    Cost: Rs 4999 for a couple

    Inclusions: Welcome drinks on arrival, 7-course veg/non-veg north-Indian dinner.
    Romantic dinner set-up with a bohemian cabana decorated with flower,
    chandelier, fur, and rose cushions, and a Private butler.

    Place: Subhash Nagar Road, near peetal factory

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  3. Skydeck Love Chamber Dinner

    Sky deck love chamber dinner at Topaz is popularly known to be the most romantic place for candlelight dinner in Jaipur, unique, and one of a kind outdoor dining venues in the city. The dinner set up in a love chamber is picturesque and totally Instagram worthy if insta sharing is a thing for you or your partner. Apart from the beauty, the dreamy outdoor setting with a private 7 course meal dinner makes the experience nothing but surreal. If you are looking for something not conventional, pretty, and memorable, the love chamber dinner is your answer.

    love chamber

    Cost: Rs 3000 for a couple

    Inclusions: Welcome drinks for 2 with chakhna platter to kickstart the evening, 7-course veg dinner with soups, starter platter, 3 mains, 1 dal, 2 desserts, and unlimited bread. Special settings with a decorated table and private area with candles, Love LED light, heart shape confetti in a private chamber with a Private butler, and romantic music.

    Place: Hotel Natraj, Motilal Atal Road

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  4. Private Movie and Cabana Dining

    There’s something romantic and timeless about movies and dinner. However, classic can always come with a twist. In light of the same, a private movie and cabana dining experience was curated. If you have decided to woo the love of your life with an enchanting date night, go for this romantic and private candlelit dinner with a movie. The cabana is decorated for you two with candles, lights, and flowers. Space is has a movie screen where you can play anything you wish to watch. To make it even better, there is a 7-course meal with a chef special surprise. Your significant other will simply love this surprise because the cabana setting is the most romantic place for a candlelight dinner in Jaipur to choose from.

    movie and dinner

    Cost: Rs 3999 for a couple

    Inclusions: Welcome drinks on arrival, 7-course north-Indian menu, romantic
    dinner set-up with a cabana, illuminated and decorated, private area, Private
    butler, and an extra-large movie screen

    Place: Subhash Nagar Road

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  5. A Royal date

    Do you or your partner love royalty? If yes, then this date is just perfect. In the Nirbana palace, sit on a table decorated with flowers and candles while enjoying the grandeur of the place. Ambient music will be playing to soothe your ears and set the royal and romantic mood. The cherry on the cake is a splendid 3-course meal ending with two great deserts. This experience is sure to sweep your love off their feet.

    a royal date

    Cost: Rs 2750 for a couple

    Inclusions: Welcome Drinks, 3-course Dinner, beautiful dinner setting in the Nirbana
    palace, and music.

    Place: Khasa Kothi circle

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  6. A Royal Dinner:

    Is it your beloved’s birthday or your relationship anniversary or do you just want to tell them how much he/she means to you, so clear out those frowns from your forehead and sit back, all relaxed because with this experience you can plan a king and queen styled dinner with your partner at the rooftop of Heritage Hotel. This is a graceful and royal place to choose for a candlelight dinner in Jaipur.

    a royal dinner

    Cost: Rs 3300 for a couple

    Inclusions: Welcome drinks on arrival, 7-course veg/ non-veg North Indian
    Lunch/Dinner, Romantic dinner setup — Rooftop With Comfortable Sit Down Sitting done in a Baradari style, Private butler, and ambient music.

    Place: Subhash Nagar Road

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