#ChristmasSpecial: Kickstart Your Holiday Celebrations With These Fun Ideas

With the holiday season approaching, it’s no secret that we want our Christmas holidays to be even merrier. Undoubtedly, no Christmas should be celebrated without flowery wreaths, candied sweets, warm hot chocolate, and heavenly food.

With the comforting vibe of winter, the Christmas tree as the backdrop and plum cake stocked up, you have the perfect formula for soul-satisfyingly holidays. This Christmas, add an extra jingle to your Christmas celebrations and decorations with these unique ways to celebrate: 

1. Mulled Wine for Christmas Celebrations at Home : 

Mulled wine is a traditional alcoholic drink made during winter, especially around Christmas. This cozy evening will be the ultimate way to end the year on a fabulous note. Along with the classic delectable food, prepare this wine to kick-start the Christmas vibe. Recipes are easily available over the internet, however, our pick would be Jamie Oliver’s Mulled Wine. If you’re not a wine fan, you can also try the non-alcoholic version. Don’t forget to add Christmas decorations for the perfect holiday vibe with CherishX’s Christmas Lantern Decorations. With lively red lanterns glimmering around beautiful white snowflakes and LED fairy lights, with these Christmas decorations your home is sure to be transformed into the perfect winter wonderland. Just choose your location and your desired Christmas decorations will be ready for your cozy holiday evening! 


2. Go Christmas Caroling: 

Nothing beats the Christmas celebration vibe when you enter the corridors of the Church. Find out the nearest Church and attend the prayers taking place on Christmas Eve. From beautifully decorated Christmas wreaths to the joyous carol singing to ending the mass with mouth-watering cake, celebrations at the magnificently decorated Church are the perfect way to give gratitude for the year you’ve had and step into the coming year. Singing your favorite Christmas carols to your heart’s content with the gorgeous sight of lit-up streets and people brimming with the holy vigor to observe the midnight mass is simply magical.  

3. Photo shoot around Christmas Decorations with your Squad:

What’s a better time to get all dressed up than Christmas? Don’t let all your glitz and glamour go waste without posting it on your social media. Ditch regular Instagram stories and host your own Christmas photo shoot with your besties. Set up your Christmas tree and make cute Christmas wreaths. A trendy look would be the little black dress from your closet with stockings and classic winter boots. Accessorize this with a bright quirky scarf or even a cute neck piece. To get a special Christmas vibe pose with Santa’s hat or funky reindeer headbands. Make sure your photos have the dreamy Christmas look we all love to add the ideal holiday charm to your shoot. You can use CherishX’s Christmas Decor Package and your perfect Christmas backdrop is ready. 

4. Throw a Christmas Treasure Hunt: 

Turn your house into a mysterious treasure hunt venue with a Christmas themed treasure hunt with a hint of Christmas decorations. Instead of boring sticky notes to write down the cues, put them in Christmas stockings to even behind holiday decorations. Discard simple cues and use Santa’s words to make sure you add a jingle to the hint cards. You can play this unique treasure hunt with your friends or family but you’ll surely have the best time playing this with the little ones in your family. To make an unforgettable evening, we at CherishX arrange a unique Santa Surprise where we surprise your little ones with Santa at your doorstep!


5. Share the Joy: 

Traditionally, Christmas is all about giving and imbibing the spirit of giving is the most gratifying addition to your Christmas bucket list. Make sure you make someone else’s Christmas as merry as yours by participating in a food or clothes distribution drive. There are several distribution drives taking place in every city during Christmas to spread the joy of the festival. If you can’t find one, go on your own distribution drive with your family and friends to distribute blankets, clothes or even Christmas treats and toys. We can tell you for a fact, there’s not a better feeling than spreading smiles!  Celebrate Christmas with CherishX’s Elegant Merry Christmas Decor



 So, with these fun holiday ideas add a jingle to your celebrations !!!

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