21+ List Of Birthday Party Games for 10 Year Olds – 2023

Planning memorable birthday party games for 10 year olds can be a delightful yet challenging task. While confetti, decorations, food, and cake are important, the key to a successful birthday celebration lies in engaging and entertaining the little buddies. Isn’t it? Because kids from 8-12 years old get more excited when they get to know that there are games to play at a birthday party. With a variety of exciting party games for 10 year olds, you can ensure that everyone has a fantastic time. 

Kids have a lot of inherited energy and that’s why just food and cake doesn’t interest them alone. So, that’s why we have come up with the best birthday party games for 10 year olds to make them happy and excited. These birthday party games are kids approved and we’re sure that your kids will enjoy it the most. 

In this article, we present a list of the 21 best birthday party games for 6 to 10-year-old kids to enjoy, guaranteeing laughter, friendly competition, and endless fun. So, let’s get ready to unlock the list of best birthday games.

Birthday Party Games for 10 Year Olds| Birthday Party Games List

These Birthday Games for 10 year olds will give your kids the time of their lives!

Musical Chairs – One Of The Fun Birthday Party Games for 10 Year Olds

When it comes to classic birthday party games for 10-year-old kids or even younger ones, Musical Chairs is a timeless favorite that has been delighting kids for generations. It’s a perfect birthday game to bring laughter and excitement to your kid’s birthday celebration. Whether you’re hosting a party on a rooftop, or an indoor gathering, a musical chair guarantees a thrilling experience. Even it’s one of the perfect party games for 6 year olds.

All you need is a set of chairs and make sure to put one less than the number of participants arranged in a circle or line, facing outward. When the music starts playing, the kids walk or dance around the chairs. The moment the music stops, they quickly find a seat. So, whosoever is left standing, he/she will be eliminated from this birthday game. Also, you have to remove one chair every round. Moreover, the child who manages to secure the last remaining chair is the winner of the game.

Face The Cookie In a Minute

Want to know about 1 minute games for a birthday party? We are sure that this game will also bring loads of laughter and fun. This is one of the fun birthday party games for 10 year olds and is all about the concentration and focus of a child. Also, kids can easily play this game while sitting on a couch or chair. To start the game, simply place a single cookie on each child’s forehead. The excitement begins as each child attempts to bring a cookie toward their mouth using only facial expressions. The objective is to consume the cookie without any physical contact. The child who successfully accomplishes this feat emerges as the winner of the game. Also, it’s one of the perfect party games for 10 year olds indoors.

Musical Statue – Games for 10 Year Old Birthday Party

Aah! We have to tell you that one of the kid-friendly birthday party games is Musical Statues. The most fun-holic frozen poses will be present in this game, along with a lot of laughter and joy. Furthermore, all that’s needed for youngsters to show their best poses. The kids only need to dance along to the catchy beats, and when the music stops, they must freeze in place—anyone who moves is also out of the game. Isn’t this a fun game for kids’ birthday parties? Do give it a go. It’s one of the great birthday party games for 10 year olds or even one of the engaging party games for 6 year olds.

Dodge A Handkerchief – One of the Fun Party Games for 6 Year Olds

It’s also among the best games for birthday parties to play. To play this entertaining game, all you need is some handkerchiefs. Make two children and stand face to face. Keep a handkerchief between the children as well. See who grabs the hanky first. Moreover, you should also distract them before reaching out to the handkerchief just like it’s shown in the video.

Balance & Collect The Balls – Party Games for 10 Year Olds Indoors

We are aware that you have probably never heard of this game, but trust us when we say that it is one of the best birthday party games for kids to play in groups. All you really need to do is keep a basket and 18 to 20 balls on the floor. Additionally, offer them a balloon. In order to keep the ball in the basket, children must continue reaching for it while keeping the balloon in the air. Therefore, the game is won by the person who stacks all of the balls first while still maintaining the balloon in the air. This is one of the perfect party games for 10 year olds.

Pass The Parcel – Party Games for 10 Year Olds Indoors

Are you looking for party games for 10 year olds indoors? Then this is a great one! You must have remembered this game and also played it in your childhood. If you want your kids to bring in some action and fun, then prepare a box of parcels with funny tasks for them to perform. So, if you’re looking for games for birthday party at home, then you can’t miss this one for sure. Just prepare multiple tasks for kids and write them on paper. Moreover, fold them and keep all the chits in the box. So, play the music and let them pass the box to each other until the music stops. And, in the end, whosoever has the box in the hand, in the end, has to pick up the chit and perform the task. 

Treasure Hunt

Are you looking for an engaging birthday party games for 10 year olds indoors? Then treasure hunt is what you’re looking for! If you want to make the birthday party more engaging and fun, then let kids play treasure hunt. This game is all about clues and finding the gem. You can leave various clues on the chits and let them find the treasure which can be a gift or a candy. For example, you can give a hint and write something like – A thing which is very heavy on your shoulders ( This hints at a bag ) Let them go there and find a treasure likewise. This is how you can make more chits as per your choice and let kids have fun. 

Lemon & Spoon Race  

It’s one of the fun-filled birthday party games for kids that they can play. They just have to put a lemon on a spoon and walk at a pace while balancing the lemon. So, whoever can reach the other side without letting the lemon fall is the winner of the game.

Balloon Dart Game 

Are you looking for another fun party games for year olds? For this birthday game, you can arrange a colourful balloon backdrop on your own or even the CherishX team can assist you in putting it up against the wall. Moreover, buy a few darts for the kids to aim them at the balloons. So, let kids pop as many balloons as they can in 30 – 60 seconds. 

Burst The Balloon

Allow children to simply enjoy popping the balloon while sitting on it. Just see who can pop the most balloons with ease. Kids will struggle to burst the balloon while exerting their entire body weight on it in this amusing birthday party game. Just get ready for some hilarious scenes and rolling laughs.

Bubble Wrap Races 

Are you trying to find the most entertaining games for birthday parties? If so, your kids will love playing this bubble wrap game. The objective is to hop to the opposite side without falling down while the children’s bodies are wrapped with bubble wrap or a clean wrap.

Pin The Tail of The Donkey – Perfect Birthday Games For 10 Year Olds

Create and attach to the wall a picture of a donkey without a tail. Then, put your children in blindfolds and give them a photo of the tail. Ask them to point their tail in the appropriate direction. It’s going to be a hilarious and enjoyable game. So give it a try with your young ones. If you’re looking for one of the hilarious games ever, then this is the perfect party games for 10 year olds indoors.

Tongue Twister 

You might encourage your kids to participate in one of the difficult tongue twisters after all the entertaining games. Once your children begin making blunders, you’ll hear roaring laughter. Try the tongue twisters that are discussed in the video below. It’s one of the most entertaining birthday party games for kids.

Pick A Ball – Best Birthday Party Games for 10-Year Olds

It’s one of the crazy birthday party games for 10-year olds and they will love it for sure. Allow children to form a circle. According to the total number of kids, make sure to keep one less ball. In order for kids to play this incredibly entertaining birthday party game, you must place 9 balls if there are 10 of them. Children must pick up the ball as soon as you ask them to. You must first divert their attention, though. For a better understanding of one of the best birthday party games for 10 year olds children, watch the video.

Stack The Cups 

Looking for a birthday game that will bring laughter and friendly competition to your next gathering? This is one of the most fun games for birthday party at home. Just let your kids play “Stack The Cups”! This exciting and engaging game is perfect for parties, team-building activities, or even a casual get-together with friends. All you need to play is a set of plastic cups and a flat surface. Here’s how the game works. Each player takes turns stacking cups on top of the base cup. The objective is to create a tall tower by carefully placing the cups on top of each other. This is one of the most hilarious birthday party games for 10 year olds.


When it comes to adding a touch of joy and anticipation to any party or birthday celebration, the Pinata Game is a sure winner! This classic game has been entertaining people of all ages for generations and continues to be a highlight at birthdays, fiestas, and special events. The Pinata Game involves a colourful, decorated container filled with treats, toys, and surprises. Players take turns wearing a blindfold and using a stick or bat to try and break open the pinata, releasing its hidden treasures. Check out the video to know more about one of the exciting indoor party games.  This is one of the fun party games for 6 year olds.

Dumb Charades 

Let the kids have fun playing one of the best birthday party games. You’re mistaken if you believe that this game is just intended for adults. You can modify this game to fit the needs of the children and create a list of appropriate terms for them to use when acting out. You can say words related to “school,” “play,” “favourite food,” and many more things. This is also one of the fun party games for 10 year olds indoors.

Laser Maze 

You must have seen laser maze rooms in malls. But did you know that you can create your laser maze room for kids at home? You just require tape and steamers and a lobby space to create it for your kids. Simply create a fun laser maze and let kids find their way through the maze to the other side without ruining the streamers. It’s one of the best birthday party games for 6-year olds.  

Indoor Bowling 

Yes! For their birthday celebration at home, you might purchase a bowling game and let the kids have a blast with it. To play this game, just set up the bowling gear and divide the youngsters into teams. It’s one of the most enjoyable indoor party activities for kids. Let them enjoy themselves and smash the bottles!

Grab a Doughnut On a String 

It’s one of the most entertaining and wonderful birthday party games for 10-year olds to incorporate into your child’s birthday celebration. Simply hang a doughnut from a string after attaching it. Additionally, blindfold the children and give them three attempts to grab the doughnut from their mouths.

Newspaper Dance 

A Birthday Party calls for a dance, but let’s make it a bit more exciting and challenging for kids. You just have to put a single sheet of newspaper on the floor. Let a kid on the sheet alone and play the music to groove. Additionally, the primary objective of this indoor party game is to dance without letting the feet touch the ground or leaving the newspaper. Anyone whose feet reach the ground is eliminated from the game when the music is abruptly stopped.


In conclusion, planning a memorable and enjoyable birthday party for kids can be made even more special with the inclusion of exciting and entertaining birthday party games. These 21 best birthday party games for 10 years olds offer a diverse range of options that guarantee a blast for everyone involved. From classic favourites like musical chairs and piñatas to creative and themed activities such as scavenger hunts and dumb charades, these games provide endless fun and opportunities for laughter and bonding. Not only do birthday party games keep the children engaged and entertained throughout the celebration, but they also promote teamwork, social interaction, and healthy competition. They create a dynamic and lively atmosphere, fostering a sense of joy and excitement that will leave a lasting impression on the birthday child and their friends.


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