Beautiful Navratri Theme Decoration Ideas for Home Celebrations: 2023 Edition

Get ready for the Navratri decoration ideas right away with our heartfelt decorations. Celebrated twice a year, Navratri (also known as Shardiya Navratri), the ten-day long Hindu festival is filled with divinity and prayers of the goddess Durga. Along with holy rituals and observing fasts followed throughout the nine days, the festival is marked with colorful decorations. If you are looking out for Navratri theme ideas for your home in 2022,  here are a few suggestions for navratri decoration ideas at home, you can check below. From simple Navratri decoration ideas to navratri mandir decoration ideas at home, we have covered you with all.

Start with the tradition of cleaning your homes to welcome the goddess respectfully. Being one of the important festivals, Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm to worship the different Goddesses and the feminine form of the ‘Shakti’(power)!

Navratri decoration ideas

Navratri Decoration Ideas

It is recommended not to spend much on your Navratri decoration at home. Rather, make the best use of simple and even everyday items to create a unique and mesmerizing look. As this festival is celebrated to mark the Goddess Durga’s victory over the evil Mahishasura. While every state of India celebrates the festival differently but one ritual remains the same for all – preparing for this auspicious festival with charming Navratri decoration ideas at home. 

Below, we have compiled a list of simple and imaginative Navratri theme ideas for your abode. 

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Navratri decoration ideas

Navratri decoration ideas at home For Entrance

Navratri decoration ideas

Give your guests a hint of indoor decoration via a beautiful, well-decorated entryway. A perfect amalgamation of fairy lights, paper lanterns, candles, torans, pots, and dangling plants, is the best for your entrance decoration. 

Welcome your visitors with a well-lit entrance and beautiful pots and diyas. Make the best use of fresh flowers to add a great fragrance to the entry.  Embellish your doorway with traditional artworks like paper lamps, ethnic dolls, and torans.  Offer a homely charm while mapping an exclusive style quotient of your entrance. To enhance your Navratri theme decoration, you can make rangolis on the entrance floor. 

Additionally, you can opt for an antique item. Search your house thoroughly and polish any antique items and decorate at your front door.  

Navratri Theme Ideas With Classy LED Lights 

Navratri decoration ideas

The tiny beads of illuminating and classy LED  lights can add an amazing look to your Navratri decor. These look great in radiating the place of worship, lighting up your walls, and dazzling up the entrance. 

For more enhanced appeal, place them in glass jars and bottles or paper bags with punched holes. And, further, use them as lanterns. Also, you can make a chandelier with these lights and add memorable printed photos with these lights.  This simple set-up can elevate the fun for the nine days of Navratri. This is also one of the best navratri decoration ideas that elegant and simple.

Navratri Theme Decoration With Lanterns

Navratri decoration ideas

One of the another great Navratri decoration ideas can be the beaded strings and bells in a variety of colors and designs. These make stunning Navratri decoration at home can be hung at the entrance in the living room, pooja room, kitchen, or wherever you feel appropriate. These can add charm to any spot of your abode. Also, their jingling sound provides a calming effect, and a few hanging lanterns can add to the beauty of the interiors. Opt for these colorful paper lanterns to embellish your Navratri decor. 

Navratri Decoration Themes With Flowers & Garlands

Navratri decoration ideas

Flowers are one of the best for navratri decoration ideas at home. Also, flowers are majorly linked with purity and beauty, hence using them in festivals is a great idea. Get some fresh and colorful flowers to adorn the entrance of your house and temple. Also, you can use flower petals to draw rangoli and decorate the puja thali. Furthermore, you can use flower garlands to decorate walls, windows, and the goddess Durga’s idol. 

With their aromatherapeutic properties, flowers are perfect for removing odors from the air, enhancing our emotions, and creating a relaxing environment in your house. The variety of flowers adds effortless design aspects and colorfulness.  

With flower bouquets decorate the stairway, the chandelier, and other areas. Use marigold flowers and other autumn flowers. 

Navratri Theme Ideas With Beautiful Rangolis

Navratri decoration ideas

Making a rangoli for Navratri decoration at home. It will add to the beauty of your place and also bring good luck. Traditional rangoli was made with rice powder and turmeric and in many areas, marigold and rose petals are used for making rangolis. However, one can use diverse rangoli colors Adorn your rangoli with beautiful diyas to enhance its appeal.

It is believed that each of the nine Navratri days has different colors related to Navdurga. To honor Devi Shailputri Mata, the orange color is used on the first day while the second day’s color is white for Devi Bramhacharini. And, the ninth day’s color is peacock green for Siddhidatri Mata respectively. 

Rangolis are the perfect creative expression to celebrate an auspicious occasion. Apart from bringing good luck and wealth to Indian culture, it requires minimum expense. Let your creativity flow while making rangolis out of colors, flowers, diyas, flour, or even rice! 

Ornament Puja Thalli For Navratri

Navratri decoration ideas

Any Indian festival is incomplete without a Puja thali. Particularly in Navratri, Pooja Thalis are used multiple times a day. Thus, during festivals, it is essential to decorate the thali. 

For this, you can use flower petals (rose preferable) and leaves can be used to make patterns inside the puja thali. Also, you can paint the thalli with acrylic colors to create unique designs or can even write some praise prayers for the goddess.

Add beautiful diya in that and do not forget to add sweets as prasad. Be creative and design your pooja thali in your way. 

Honor House With Painted Diya Decoration

Navratri decoration ideas

Although diyas look basic, they add to the festive flavor and are apt for Navratri decoration items. A unique and creative diya decoration can enhance the ambiance of your festive house.  There is a plethora of diyas in different colors, designs, and sizes available in the market. Buy a handful of them and place them on the balcony, at the entrance, or in the corners of your house. Infusing the light of diyas are one of the most beautiful Navratri theme ideas.

One of the most used decorative items in India, the diya can enlighten the aura of a festival.  You can opt for a simple terracotta diyas that can boost the Navratri mandir decoration at home. You can ornate them along walls, pavements, veranda, balconies, and rangolis. 

Furthermore, you can even decorate the simple diyas with bright paints, glitters, seashells, and more! As hand-decorated diyas are always cherished, add a fragrant twist to this and use hand-poured aroma candles. It will light up the mood and ambiance of your home. 

Light up diyas on all nine days of Chaitra Navratri in the spirit of festive celebrations. Moreover, you can opt for burlap lanterns, mason jars, and decorative lamps that can add a festive touch as well. Also, go with floating candles and flower petals in a traditional vessel of your choice. 

Decorate Earthen Pots for Navratri

Navratri decoration ideas

For simple Navratri decoration at home, one of the crucial elements of a festival decoration part, earthen pots are the best ornamental objects at festivals. Garba pots or earthen pots with holes are an imperative aspect of the Navratri celebration. They represent nascent life, unity, and compassion and are important to worship the god. Usually placed in the center of the communal gathering. And, dressed men, women, and children sing and dance around it. 

Apart from spiritual purpose, the hand-painted earthen pots bring out your artistic side. You can use your Navratri earthen pots with intricate designs, use them with diyas, and even fill them with flower bouquets. To dazzle your guest, paint the entire pot, adorn it with a few colorful patterns, and decorate it with foils or glass mirrors and shiny laces. 

Also, there is a tradition of placing an earthen pot filled with water and different aromatic flowers at the entrance to welcome the goddess Durga. It eradicates all negative energy and attracts wealth and prosperity. And, this gorgeous arrangement enhances the ambiance by giving a sweet aroma to the house. 

Moreover, according to Vastu, it attracts wealth and prosperity and offers good health to the family members. Change the flowers every day as faded flowers can attract bad energy AND replace the water every 2-3 days to prevent mosquito breeding.

Beautiful Golu/Idols For Navratri Decoration Themes

Navratri decoration ideas

Navratri pooja is incomplete without golu or idols of the goddess. Place different idols of god and goddess in your temple or wherever you want to. Decorate your idols in your way and give a unique and beautiful look to your abode in this Navratri. 

Festive Umbrella And Flower Garlands Decor 

Navratri decoration ideas

To make your celebration more exquisite, get this gorgeous decor by placing a beautiful umbrella and flower garlands near your temple. Rajasthani colorful umbrellas will surely add more charm and beauty to your Navratri decorations. 

This decor will illuminate your space adding special elegance and making it more attractive. 

Navratri Mandir Decoration Ideas at Home

Navratri Mandir Decoration Ideas at Home

Image Credits: MagicBricks & News18

If you’re looking for navratri mandir decoration ideas at home, you can adorn the mandir with artifical flower garlands and lanterns. Also, if you would like to go for some DIY Navratri mandir decorations, then you can create a backdrop with paper designs as shown in the picture.

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Embellish Interiors with Cane Crafts

Navratri decoration ideas

Decorating the weaving crafts from nature will add a natural feel to your home. Also, for an earthy appeal, opt for collectibles and accessories manufactured with bamboo. Along with being environmentally friendly and low-maintenance, they are lightweight and available in a wide range of designs. 

Additionally, this gives a wide range of Indian artisans from across the country a way of earning some money. They create baskets, combs, toys, mats, mugs, musical instruments, and more by hand. Adorn your wall with cane wicker baskets filled with flowers. These are great for your Navratri decoration and serve both purposes of decoration and a utility accessory. 

Navratri Dress Ideas


Decorating your beautiful house for Navratri but you end up wearing some plain kurta to the celebration. Ah! That will not complete the overall look of the celebration. Thus, it is suggested to wear some traditional costumes for Navratri. You can go in a lehenga, a blouse, and a dupatta. 

To accessorize your look, wear a silver maang tikka, earrings, and some bangles. For men, you can wear a kurta and jeans. Try to opt for a kurta of orange, yellow, or red color.


The sky is the limit when decorating your house for the Navratri celebration. You can use simple, creative, and easy Navratri decorations ideas at home.  Hope you liked these Navratri decoration ideas.

These Navratri decoration ideas will jazz up your home this festive season. These are sure to pump up family and friends’ moods and will completely uplift your home ambiance.  These ideas will create an enticing and welcoming space. The aforementioned items can be found locally or online. Just get involved with little planning and create some lasting memories for this Navratri. 

If you need assistance decorating your beautiful abode gracefully, let help you in the best way possible. Just give us a call or drop a comment below down. 


Question 1: Can we go with a floral Navratri decoration Ideas?

Yes, floral Navratri decoration is a great idea. Decorate your house with fresh flower strings, garlands, and torans. Place fresh flowers in a glass bowl filled with water. Place the same at the entrance for prosperity and good health. 

Question 2: What are some great Navratri decoration ideas at home?

Some beautiful Navratri decoration ideas are creating colorful rangolis, hanging marigolds and beaded strings, placing diyas, salt lamps, hanging fairy lights, and placing decorative earthen pots at the entrance, corners, or wherever you like. 

Question 3: What are the items that are important for Navratri decoration at home?

There are a few essential Navratri decorations items at home nariyal (coconut), pooja thali, Kalash, aggarbatti stand, marigold flower, diya, mango leaves, etc.

Question 4: What are the auspicious nine Navratri colors?

Each day of Navratri has a different color such as 

Day 1 -Orange

2 – White

3 -Red

4 -Royal Blue 

5 -Yellow

6 -Green

7 -Grey

8 -Purple

9- Peacock Green

Question 5: Where to get a theme for Navratri 2023?

With CherishX, you will get many ideas for decorating your home this Navratri. Choose a remarkable Navratri theme decor and make your abode astonishing for your guests. 

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