Make Your Partner’s Birthday Memorable With These 7 Incredible Digital Gifts

Doesn’t it get confusing when you have to choose a gift for your loved one’s Birthday? You go through all the things that they would like as a gift but it still gets difficult to know which one they would like the best. 

Every person wants to make their partner’s birthday special. To do that, it becomes important that the person does proper planning to surprise his/her partner. There are different ways to make your partner’s birthday memorable. The best way is to surprise them with some amazing digital gifts. These gifts stay as a memory for a longer period.

Now the question arises: what are digital gifts? Digital Gifts are those gifts that you can order online and send the gifts right to your loved one’s place. These may also include the online gifts that you can watch or use such as live streaming video or any subscriptions.

Digital gifts make your loved one feel special. Also, it is one of the easiest ways that you can use to give them a variety of things. There are different types of gifts that come under Digital gifts. To make it easier, below are mentioned some of the best ones:

Guitarist on Video Call
Make your partners birthday memorable with these 7 incredible digital gifts-guitarist on video call

Your Loved ones need pampering. No other way can be better than this to do so. Wishing them birthday with their favourite songs will make them feel special and loved. You can book a guitarist and ask them to play a list of songs that your partner would like. This personalised experience will help you to make their day more special and exciting. Celebrations like these always speak to the heart!

So, make sure that you book the right date so that the personalised video call can be made. It can be a very different yet delightful experience for your loved one.

Newspaper Birthday Wish

Make your partners birthday memorable with these 7 incredible digital gifts-E newspaper

Newspaper birthday wishes are also one of the most heartwarming gifts that you can give to your partner. Telling the whole world about their birthday might give them the most special feeling. It is one of the best ways to make your partner feel that they are the most important person in your life. Make your favourite person feel like a celebrity with this different idea of a birthday surprise. You can also check out on how to plan for a birthday surprise for giving an amazing party.

Executing this idea is a very important step that you need to take. Make sure that you do all the things the right way so that nothing goes missing. It’s your partner’s birthday, therefore, you need to be prepared beforehand.

Prank Call

Make your partners birthday memorable with these 7 incredible digital gifts- prank call

Does your partner like celebrities? If yes, then why not a prank call them? It is one of the famous ways to make your partner’s heart skip a beat. A prank call in the voice of a celebrity might give your partner butterflies in their stomach. You can book a call from famous mimicry artists such as Vikalp Mehta or more and get an exciting birthday wish from them. You can also book a call from CherishX for a prank call. They provide you with an easy booking. So, make sure to book it at the right time for a great experience.

Violinist on Video Call


Video Call from a Violinist on your partner’s birthday is also one of the ways to make their day special. A personalised birthday wish from a violinist may make them feel extra special and significant. Beautiful melodies played by the violinist may make it much more memorable for your loved one. You can tell them the list of songs that you would like them to play for your partner. This will lead your partner to feel as if you are wishing them a happy birthday personally through the different beautiful melodies. 

To make your plan go as you want, you need to focus on booking the violinist at the right time. Otherwise, the wish may not reach on the birthday of your loved one. 

Digital Photo Frame

Make your partners birthday memorable with these 7 incredible digital gifts-digital photoframes

Photo Frames are common gifts that people give to each other. But Digital Photo Frame is something different that you can choose to go for. You can select a favourite photo of you and your partner together and get it digitally photo framed. There are different styles in which you can get your photograph framed. It is one of the most personalised gifts that you can give to your better half. You can choose the frame whatever you like. Also, you get the option of background light in the frame. It provides an elegant look to the overall photo frame. It illuminates the photograph, giving it a beautiful and attractive look. 

Personalized PostCards and e-books

Make Your Partners Birthday Memorable With These 7 Incredible Digital Gifts- postcards

Gifting birthday cards or personalized postcards can be a very personal experience for your loved one. You can give a beautiful birthday card to your partner. This can make them feel very special. You can also write a personal message to make them feel extra special. 

With birthday cards, you also have the option of giving your partner e-books. You can choose their favourite books and buy them online and gift them digitally. 

Streaming Service Membership

Make your partners birthday memorable with these 7 amazing digital gifts-subscription

Service Membership can be one of the fun gifts that you can give to your partner. They can watch their favourite movies and series. It can be one of the most unique digital gifts that you can give to your husband or wife. 

You can choose to give them subscriptions to famous channels that are available. It will help them to spend their free time fruitfully. 

Birthdays should be celebrated beautifully. Everyone expects gifts and exquisite surprises from their loved ones. So, it becomes important that you meet their expectations and make them feel marvellous.

Digital Gifts are one of the best ways to make your better half feel special. You can choose from these above-mentioned gifts to plan a wonderful birthday surprise for your partner. These unique gifts will bring a perfect personal experience to you and your loved one. So, embrace these options and make your choices accordingly. 

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