30 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2022 that Are a Perfect Pick for the First Time Dads

Father’s Day is here! Are you ready to surprise the new dad this Father’s Day 2022? Well, if you’re a sister, wife, brother, brother-in-law, Mom or Dad, the happiness of welcoming the new baby is beyond limits. So, congratulate the new dad in the most beautiful way by finding a perfect gift for him. 

You might be having a bit of difficulty choosing something for the new dad but no worries! You can make the beginning of the new dad’s journey much more special and exciting! This list of Best Father’s Day Gifts for First Time Dad will surely help you to get a perfect pick for your close one who just became a dad

Check out these awesome Gifts for the New Dad- 

  1. “DAD” Balloon Bouquet

Dad Balloon Bouquet

Celebrate Father’s Day or the new dad’s birthday by giving him a beautiful “DAD” Balloon Bunch. With Gold and Black foil balloons, the bouquet will make your father feel overwhelmed with joy!

Every Father deserves a loving gift and appreciation for all the things they do for you! So, plan a beautiful birthday surprise for dad with CherishX’s Balloon Bunch specially designed for him! 

This balloon bouquet is curated with a “Dad” Golden Letter foil balloon (16 inches), a Bunch of Golden and Black Chrome Balloons, Golden stars with a golden bow, and a battery-operated light to make it brighter. 

2. Letter in Rose Bucket

rose bucket letter

Gift a Rose Bucket to the new dad on the occasion of Father’s Day or his birthday and make your celebrations memorable! Express the love that you carry in your heart for your father. This exclusive and beautiful way to present flowers to your loved one in the form of a unique gift. Here’s presenting the epic rose initial bucket! A bucket of red roses, with white roses forming an initial of your choice, along with a special customisable personalized message, delivered to an address or location of your choice.

3. Theme Surprise Box

Theme surprise box

Every special occasion in life demands a gift that can leave a lasting impression and make the recipient super happy. So to help you out in making your loved one’s special day extra special and memorable we bring you exciting new Surprise Boxes. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or Father’s Day-these custom surprise boxes work for every occasion and add an element of surprise. When opened, a flurry of glossy balloons with custom messages written on them will float out. 

4. 10 Yellow Roses & pineapple cake

yellow bouquet, with a cake

Surprise the new dad with a beautiful rose bouquet and cake combo. Make the first time dad feel special and loved. CherishX Rose bouquet is picked fresh from the farm and delivered in a beautiful cellophane packaging to your special recipient. 

All CherishX stunning flower arrangements are picked fresh for you to help you celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or convey your message of love and sweet affection. The cakes are baked with love and complete hygiene. 

5. Fathers Day Pool Fondant Cake

fondant cakes

No more run of the mill cakes! You and the new dad deserve a cake made just for the perfect occasion of Father’s Day. The cake will exuberate the emotions & mood the occasion it is made for or be a creative  representation of the person it is made for. 

Indulge in a tasty treat with CherishX’s range of awesome cakes with amazing flavors. Get a Fathers Day Pool Fondant Cake Delivered anywhere to celebrate a special occasion. The cakes are baked with love and complete hygiene. It is a perfect gift to give your father.

6. Bunch of Ombre Roses

bunch of ombre roses

Gift your father this gorgeous bouquet on this Father’s Day and celebrate the occasion beautifully! Picket fresh from the farm, your father will surely love it! 

You can also gift this to him on his birthday and make the day special for him! The roses are beautiful and appeal directly to the eyes. So, celebrate the day in the most beautiful way! 

7. Gold And Green Balloon Bucket

Gold and Green Bucket

Are you getting confused thinking about what to gift the new dad this Father’s Day? Well, don’t because we have that perfect gift to help you out! Give this CherishX’s Gold and Green bucket full of roses to your papa!

The bucket full of roses is specially designed as a gift for you to wish your close ones a happy anniversary or a happy birthday. The beautiful bucket consists of a Bubble balloon filled with green chrome balloons & golden chrome balloons, messages in gold vinyl, golden vinyl stars, yellow roses, a battery-operated warm led light. The bucket is curated by putting all of this together. 

8. Best Dad Bubble Surprise

Best Dad Bubble Surprise

Surprise the new dad with this unique personalized gift, put your favorite pictures, along with a personalized chrome balloon filled transparent balloon which says “Best Dad”. 

Fathers day is a day of special celebration, and because the new dad is someone close to your heart,  which is why we have curated for you a special photo filled box that’s creatively paired with a transparent balloon with ribbon. It Consists of 12 photos. Go down the memory lane with pictures and not just that, you can add messages and chocolates from the customisation. Skip the drugstore version & wish your father in a unique & special way. 

9. Blue & Gold Balloon Bucket for Him

Blue and Gold Bubble Balloon Bucket

This exclusive Gift is curated for you to shower your love upon your father! The pretty bucket fits the occasion of birthday, Father’s Day, retirement and promotion perfectly! This Blue & Gold Bucket, constituted with a Bubble balloon filled with golden chrome and blue chrome balloons, a small Blue star-shaped foil balloon, small black mustache vinyl prints, a black bucket with Photos and bluegrass, presents a charming look to the recipient. 

Moreover, it holds one customizable message. In addition to this, we use a battery-operated light to decorate the bucket! Shower your infinite love to your loved one with this amazing gift! 

10. Black and Gold Balloon Bucket

black and gold balloon bucket

Are you ready to surprise the first time dad on his birthday? We present to you a beautiful birthday gift to make him feel at the top of the world!

This Black & Gold Balloon Bucket includes a Bubble balloon filled with black and golden chrome balloons, a small golden star-shaped foil balloon, a black rosette, small rose gold vinyl hearts, a black bucket with yellow roses & golden dome-shaped chocolates. Moreover, it holds a customizable message, and 4 Photos with white grass. All of this is further adorned with a battery-operated light to make it look brighter. Your father is sure to love it. 

11. Wooden Card For Dad

Wooden Card

Make your super dad feel extra special and loved by gifting him a cute wooden card with a beard and glasses carved in it, plus an adorable message engraved on it.

Express your love and cherish amazing moments with this everlasting gift that is stylish, heart-warming and rich in love! 

12. ‘DAD’ Lucky Bamboo Plants (Set Of 3)

Lucky Bamboo Plants

Surprise your father with a unique and everlasting gift. A set of 3 lucky bamboo plants-known for bringing endless good luck. These charming plants are grown in cute jute pots, which not only purify the atmosphere, but also give your space a nice modern look. Put these in your living room or place them on a window sill and give your boring window an elegant contemporary look.  

About the plant:  Bamboo is one of the strongest and most versatile of houseplants. Its strength comes from its thickness.  Its evergreen quality and resistance to pests make it a perfect houseplant. The lucky bamboo plant attracts positive energy that brings good health, prosperity and longevity. The bamboo plant is easy to care for and thrives in bright light. Make sure the roots are always covered in water. 

13. Black Forest Pinata Cake

Black forest Pinata Cake

Pinata Cake is one of the trends when it comes to celebrating any occasion. It’s super fun, delicious and it’s all chocolate. Comes with a cutesy hammer to smash the chocolate shell & also a lovely tag. Hit With The Hammer To The Goodness Inside Loaded With luscious white frosting chocolate shavings and succulent cherries on top.

14. Tinted Rose Bucket

red roses tinted

Make your precious one feel special and loved everyday by gifting them this exclusive and luxurious looking bucket of roses, available in different colors- red, white, pink, and yellow! This unique gift consists of a white color square-shaped bucket, filled with 25 fresh, fragrant and blooming roses.

What’s more, a personalized and special message will also be included along with this sweet gift. Sweeten this surprise and make it even larger by choosing from thoughtful customizations. 

15. Fathers Day Hot Air Balloon

father's day hot air balloon

Ever seen a hot air balloon? Isn’t it amazing and fascinating to say the least? Well, that’s why we have crafted perfectly and exclusively for you a miniature version of it. This gift is perfectly suited to surprise the new dad this father’s day! This visually appealing present consists of 1 bucket of resplendent, blooming and fragrant roses, in a deep red color! The other component of this gift is one customized helium see- through balloon filled with 2 red heart balloons. A treat to the eyes! What’s more, this surprise can be delivered to an address of your choice. So, you can get it directly delivered to the new daddy dearest!

To celebrate father’s day in style, you can add some of our thoughtful customization and sweeten this surprise, make it even larger! 

16. Pastel Pink and Golden Surprise Box

Pastel Pink bucket surprise

Are you ready to give a balloon surprise to your papa? Go for this Uniquely beautiful Pastel Pink and Golden Surprise Box to make Father’s Day Celebration Memorable for him! the new dad will be blown away by this captivating Pastel Pink and Golden Surprise Box. So, get this already and make your one and only feel wonderful! 

This beautiful Surprise Box is curated with a Surprise Box (3ft), a Helium filled Bubble balloon, a Customizable white vinyl white printing message on the star and bubble balloon, Helium filled Pastel Pink star foil balloon, Black Star foil balloon, Light Pink Chrome Balloons and Golden Chrome Balloons. So, make him feel extra special! 

17. The Teddy and Bubble Bucket

Father's day gift

Gift the new dad this cute gift called the teddy and bubble bucket. It’s a perfect gift for Father’s Day. The bucket includes a bubble balloon with yellow pastel balloons inside, a teddy bear, photos and a bucket of 15 ferrero rocher. 

Along with these, the vinyl printing on the bubble is customizable as per the occasion. You can also add customisations to the gift to make this gift even better. 

18. Black Forest Cake Jars (set of 2)

black forest cake jars

Send loving cake jars to the first time dad and wish him a Happy Father’s Day in the most beautiful way. It’s a perfect gift if you are living far away. 

Choose this delectable Cake Jar and make your father feel loved and special. You can book it and get it delivered right at the location.

19. Secret Message Surprise

Father's Day Gift

With CherishX you can still surprise the new dad and make him feel extra special on their special day! Our exclusive range of virtual experiences ensure that your celebrations are surprising, special and extra safe. CherishX’s virtual QR code vouchers are the best way to send your wishes to a special someone and make their celebrations exciting.

In this virtual experience, we will be sending 7 QR code vouchers to your loved one with your personalized pictures in an email. The QR code will reveal your custom message and make your loved one feel special. 

20. Guitarist on Video Call

guitarist on video call

With the aim of executing the most personal and perfect experiences, CherishX brings you one of the most special and exciting ways to pamper your special someone. This exclusive virtual experience includes a 10 minute personalized live message delivery from a professional guitarist. The song that the guitarist will sing will be exclusively composed by your special someone. All you need to do is tell us some important details or landmarks of your relationship and our team will convert these memories or details into a song. This extra special and personalised experience will be conducted over a video call to truly make your sweetheart’s heart melt and create the most special memories!

21. “PAPA” Balloon Bouquet 

papa balloon bouquet

A father does everything to support his child. He would have been your backbone too. So, why not appreciate him for the love and support he has given you and will keep on giving you! Gift him this lovely Father’s Day Special “PAPA” Balloon Bouquet. You can also gift this on his birthday to make him feel special.

22. White Theme Balloon Bucket 

white theme balloon bouqute Get ready to celebrate Father’s day in the most fun way by giving your father or Grandfather, this precious white themed balloon bucket! It’s a fulfilling bucket carrying different fascinating items for the new dad. Make the new dad feel extra special by gifting him this Father’s Day!

Balloon bouquets and buckets are famous gifts to give on any occasion. So, for the occasion of Father’s Day, our designers have curated this wonderful White Themed Bucket so that you can surprise the new dad, grandpa, father-in-law or uncle.

23. Black and Grey Fathers Day Balloon Bucket 

black and grey balloon bucket

This Balloon Bouquet is classy and unique. It’s a perfect custom gift to give the new dad or grandpa! Full of pretty balloons, the gift is beautifully curated to give the recipient a broad smile on his face! It’s also a perfect gift for his birthday!

The Balloon Bouquet is curated with a Black Bucket filled with white grass, vinyl message, Bubble balloon filled with Grey Pastel, Peach Pastel and Black Latex balloons. It also includes Black Marble Balloon, Grey Diary, Ferro Rochers (pack of 4), Jute Pouch with cup shaped chocolates, White Carnation, Yellow Rose, White Gerberas, Standard wish card and a Battery Operated light.

24. Vintage DAD Frame Box 

vintage dad frame

Choose this wonderfully designed Frame Gift on Father’s Day for the new dad. Express love in a unique way with this Gorgeous Transparent Frame Gift to the new dad. Let him know how much you adore him for always being supportive and loving! 

Father’s day is special not only for fathers but also for their sons and daughters. You get to plan surprises and let yourself get indulged in making everything perfect so that nothing lacks. This is why we have brought you this breathtaking gift to make Father’s Day extra special and your partner feel loved. It gives a classic look so it surely will be a memorable gift!

25. Grey and Black Balloon Bouquet 

grey and black balloon bouquet

Gift the first time dad a balloon bouquet and make him feel special on the occasion of Father’s Day or his birthday! Celebrate the day with love and a gift that is surely heart-warming! 

This Balloon Bouquet is classy and personalised. It’s a perfect custom gift to give the new dad or grandpa! Full of pretty balloons, the gift is beautifully curated to give the recipient a broad smile on his face! 

26. Best Dad Certificate 

best dad certificate

This coming Father’s Day, Gift the new dad an exciting Best Dad Certificate Gift Hamper! The Hamper is curated with all the perfect items to make the new dad feel special! 

Dads never ask for gifts but when the time is of Father’s day it’s a given that you do something special for him! So, this hamper is all about making your father feel special and loved. 

27. Round Choco Pinata Cake

black forest cake jars

Pinata Cake is one of the trends when it comes to celebrating any occasion. It’s super fun, delicious and it’s all chocolate. Comes with a cutesy hammer to smash the chocolate shell & also a lovely tag. Hit With The Hammer To The Goodness Inside Loaded With Gems; Kitkat And Ferrero Rocher. 

28. Name-Frame


A perfect gift with pictures creatively put inside letters of name or any other word of significance to you. Frames hold a special significance. Imagine if they are personalized with the name of your loved one spelled out with pictures. This gift has a charm that no post on Facebook or tag on Instagram does. So, gift the First Time Dad this Father’s Day and make it special! You can find more Father’s Day Personalised Gifts and Surprises!

29. Balloon Box Hamper For Dad

Father's Day Hamper

Shower the new dad with love and affection on this Father’s Day. This charming hamper full of adorable gifts will surely let him experience the First Father’s Day lovingly. The Balloon bouquet hamper has a Blue & Gold Balloon Bucket, Picture of Pictures Frame, Personalized Cushion For Dad, and “Love you dad” photo mug. 

All of this together makes it a breathtaking hamper. You can choose to buy this hamper and give your father gifts throughout the day or all at once. Moreover, to make the day lively, you can add customizations such as a cake or flower bouquet. It can be one of the most beautiful ways to make birthday and congratulatory wishes memorable. 

30. 12 Yellow Roses & ‘Dad’ Butter scotch cake

Dad cake

Surprise the new dad in the most appealing way by sending him a combo of yellow roses bouquet and a butterscotch cake. Make the celebration special by getting these wonderful yellow roses and butterscotch cake. 

Get ready to make the celebration unforgettable by getting one of these gifts for the new dad. Congratulate him and make him happy by gifting wonderful gifts mentioned above!

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