A Young Girl’s Prom Night Dreams

I love Hollywood movies, music, fashion, and food and I’m pretty sure you all do too. Thanks to globalization, I didn’t miss out on all these. But there is one more thing that I love, which is quintessentially Western but I never got to experience it. It’s called Prom!

Yes, prom—a big party thrown at the end of the school year when boys and gals dress up fancily and engage in fun activities.

As much as it is revered in Western or high-end high-schools, sadly the word prom is still missing in Indian dictionaries.

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How I fell in love With Prom

My infatuation with prom started with Hollywood movies. It’s also where I got most of my knowledge about the prom culture. It started with the famous prom scene in “10 things I hate about you” which made me instantly fall in love with the prom. Then some older classics like “Back to the future”, “Grease”, “Footloose.” Or the horror classic “Carrie” even though the prom turns out to be a disaster, but it’s still a great movie that makes you curious about prom. When talking about prom, how can you miss the cult phenomenon “Twilight?” the famous scene where Edward and Bella slow dance. All these movies may be set in different time periods but they all have one thing in common—great prom scenes!

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Why Is Prom So Special?

It’s not only the fancy dresses, the fun dancing that makes prom special. It’s the anticipation, the build-up to the main event which makes it incredibly exciting to me. The thrill of knowing who will ask whom to go to the prom. Then picking out the best dress for the night. After that, going to the date’s house to pick them up in a car followed by an amazing night of dance, food, taking cute pictures with your date and the crowning of prom king and queen in the end.

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If you don’t think I’m a sobbing mess after writing this blog then you are absolutely wrong. Not experiencing a prom in my high-school will always be my greatest regret, knowing well how I would have created unforgettable moments at my prom night.

However, if given a chance to live my dream of going to a prom party, I wouldn’t waste a breath to say yes. I’m sure all the prom lovers out there would do the same.

Just imagine a fancy party recreating that elegant prom night ambience, where you get to wear your best gown or tux and dance, enjoy great food while taking cute pictures with your date. Sounds like a dream come true right?

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