50+ Birthday Themes for Girls: A Complete Theme Decorations Directory (Full List)

Are you planning a special celebration for your little girl? Selecting the perfect birthday themes for girls can truly elevate your birthday celebration.To help you create an enchanting and memorable event for your baby girl, we’ve curated a list of delightful girl-themed decoration ideas. From empowering superheroes to regal princesses and iconic Barbie dolls, these themes are sure to inspire and delight!

  1. Sleepover Theme Decoration 

Transform your space into a cozy haven with a balloon decoration, soft blankets, twinkling fairy lights, and DIY dreamcatchers. Encourage guests to wear their favorite pajamas and indulge in popcorn, movies, and pillow fights for a night of unforgettable fun and laughter .

  1. Princess Theme Decoration  

Roll out the royal treatment with opulent decorations fit for a princess. Adorn the venue with shimmering tiaras, elegant tulle drapes, and a majestic color scheme of pink and gold. Create a throne for the birthday girl and her royal court to reign over the festivities with Princess Theme Decoration.

  1. Barbie Theme Decoration 

Dive into a world of pink and glamor with Barbie theme decorations. Deck out the party space with Balloons, Barbie doll centerpieces, and a vibrant color palette straight from Barbie’s dreamhouse. Encourage guests to embrace their inner fashionistas with dress-up activities and photo booths. This is one of the most chosen birthday themes for girls.

  1. Under the Sea Theme Decoration 

Set the scene for an underwater extravaganza with shades of blue, shimmering decorations, and seashell accents. Transform the venue into a magical ocean floor with mermaid tail party favors, seaweed streamers, and treasure chest centerpieces for an unforgettable under-the-sea experience.

  1. Mermaid Theme Decoration 

Delight guests with a mermaid-themed celebration filled with iridescent decorations and mystical charm. Create a whimsical underwater kingdom with shimmering mermaid scales, seashell garlands, and ocean-inspired hues. Encourage guests to don mermaid tails and explore the depths of the lagoon with enchanting activities and games. Explore all mermaid theme decorations here!

  1. Encanto Theme Decoration 

 Bring the enchantment of the Madrigal family to life with vibrant colors and festive decor. Adorn the venue with papel picado banners, piñatas, and themed decorations inspired by the beloved characters of Encanto. Create a magical atmosphere where guests can dance, sing, and celebrate the power of family and tradition.

  1. Alice in Wonderland Theme Decoration  

Step into the whimsical world of Wonderland with an enchanting tea party adventure. Set the table with mismatched teacups, playing card centerpieces, and whimsical props straight out of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. Invite guests to embrace their curiosity and imagination with themed activities and games.

  1. Butterfly Theme Decoration 

Transform your party space into a magical butterfly garden with delicate butterfly theme decorations and vibrant hues. Adorn the venue with fluttering butterflies, flower garlands, and pastel accents for a truly enchanting experience. Encourage guests to spread their wings and explore the beauty of nature with butterfly-themed crafts and activities.

  1. Unicorn Theme Decoration 

Sparkle and shine with a unicorn-themed celebration filled with rainbow colors and glittering accents. Create a magical atmosphere with unicorn balloons, sparkly decorations, and whimsical props. Encourage guests to embrace their inner unicorn with horn headbands, rainbow face paint, and enchanted activities fit for a mythical creature. Get Unicorn theme decorations in just a click!

  1. Minnie Mouse Theme Decoration

Pay homage to everyone’s favorite mouse with a polka dot extravaganza filled with bows, ears, and Disney charm. Decorate the venue with Minnie mouse theme decorations, black, white, and red color schemes, and iconic polka dot patterns. Invite guests to join Minnie on a magical adventure filled with laughter, fun, and timeless memories.

  1. Fairy Theme Decoration 

Transform your little one’s birthday into a magical fairy tale with our enchanting Fairy Theme Decoration! Transport your guests to a whimsical realm where fairies roam and dreams come true. Adorn your space with twinkling lights, delicate fairy wings, and shimmering pastel decor. Create an ethereal atmosphere with floral garlands and fairy dust accents, making every moment truly enchanting. Whether your child dreams of being a fairy princess or simply loves the magic of fairy tales, our Fairy Theme Decoration will make their birthday unforgettable. Also, it ranks in the top 20 birthday themes for girls.

  1. Frozen Wonderland Theme Decoration 

Embrace the frosty magic of Arendelle with an enchanting Frozen themed decoration. Decorate the venue with icy blue hues, snowflake decorations, and shimmering accents inspired by Elsa and Anna’s kingdom. Invite guests to embark on a magical journey filled with snowman building, ice skating, and snowy surprises.

  1. Jungle Safari Theme Decoration 

Go on a wild safari adventure with animal print decorations, plush jungle creatures, and DIY safari hats. Create a jungle-inspired atmosphere with lush greenery, safari tents, and playful animal accents. Encourage guests to explore the wild side with animal-themed crafts, games, and safari expeditions. Explore all Jungle Theme Decorations here!

  1. Woodland Theme Decoration 

Step into a magical woodland realm filled with rustic charm and natural beauty. Decorate the venue with woodland creature cutouts, mossy accents, and earthy tones for an enchanting atmosphere. Invite guests to embrace the spirit of the forest with woodland-themed crafts, activities, and imaginative adventures.

  1. Candyland Theme Decoration 

Create a sweet and colorful celebration with candyland themed decor, lollipop props, and a candy buffet filled with treats. Decorate the venue with vibrant colors, candy-striped accents, and oversized sweets for an eye-catching display. Invite guests to indulge their sweet tooth with candy-themed crafts, games, and delicious delights.

  1. Video Game Theme Decoration 

Level up the fun with a video game-themed party filled with pixelated decorations, game controller balloons, and gaming stations. Create a high-energy atmosphere with neon colors, futuristic accents, and iconic game characters. Invite guests to embark on epic quests, challenges, and virtual adventures in the world of gaming

  1. Garden Theme Decoration 

Host a blooming beautiful party filled with floral arrangements, garden-inspired decor, and elegant touches of nature. Decorate the venue with lush greenery, floral centerpieces, and delicate blooms for a garden-inspired atmosphere. Invite guests to embrace the beauty of nature with garden-themed crafts, activities, and botanical adventures.

  1. Rainbow Theme Decoration 

Celebrate in a spectrum of colors with a rainbow themed birthday decorations filled with vibrant backdrops and cheerful accents. Decorate the venue with rainbow balloons, streamers, and colorful banners for an eye-catching display. Invite guests to embrace the joy of color with rainbow-themed crafts, activities, and rainbow-inspired treats. Rainbow theme is one of the most chosen birthday themes for girls.

  1. Quinceañera Theme Decoration 

Honor tradition with a vibrant and elegant celebration filled with traditional quinceañera decor and festive touches. Decorate the venue with elegant floral arrangements, decorative banners, and cultural accents for a truly memorable occasion. Invite guests to join in the celebration with music, dance, and joyful festivities fit for a quinceañera queen.

  1. Dolls Theme Decoration 

Dive into the world of surprise dolls with vibrant colors, polka dots, and oversized bows. Decorate with giant cutouts of popular surprise dolls and create a photo booth with themed props for endless fun.

  1. Fairy Tale Birthday Themes for Girls

Transform your party space into a magical forest straight out of a fairy tale. Adorn tables with moss, fairy lights, and whimsical centerpieces. Hang paper lanterns and create a DIY castle backdrop for a fairytale photo corner.

  1. Picnic Theme Decoration 

Bring the charm of a picnic indoors with gingham tablecloths, picnic baskets, and colorful blankets. Set up a lemonade stand and scatter plush cushions for a cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget to serve classic picnic treats like sandwiches and fruit skewers.

  1. Snow White Theme Decoration 

Create a regal ambiance with a Snow White-themed celebration. Deck the venue with red, blue, and yellow decorations, and add touches of gold for an extra royal touch. Serve apple-themed treats and set up a DIY mirror for guests to admire themselves, just like the fairest of them all.

  1. Hello Kitty Theme Decoration 

Embrace the cuteness of Hello Kitty with a pink and white wonderland. Decorate with Hello Kitty balloons, banners, and tableware. Set up a DIY bow-making station and serve adorable Hello Kitty-shaped snacks for a purr-fectly sweet party.

  1. Ice Cream Theme Decoration 

Cool off with an ice cream-themed birthday decoration filled with pastel colors and sweet treats. Set up a sundae bar with various toppings and flavors, and decorate with oversized ice cream cones and sprinkle garlands. Don’t forget to serve ice cream-shaped cookies for a delightful touch.

  1. Moana Theme Decoration 

Take your guests on a journey to the heart of the Pacific with a Moana-themed party. Decorate with tropical flowers, bamboo accents, and seashells. Set up a DIY lei-making station and serve island-inspired snacks like pineapple skewers and coconut cupcakes .

  1. Cat Theme Decoration  

Celebrate your love for felines with a charming cat-themed party. Deck the venue with paw prints, yarn balls, and cat-shaped balloons. Create a cozy corner with plush pillows and blankets for guests to lounge like pampered kitties.

  1. Super Mario Bros Theme Decoration 

Level up your party with a Super Mario Bros-themed extravaganza. Decorate with pixelated decorations, question mark blocks, and character cutouts. Set up a gaming corner with classic Mario games for endless entertainment.

  1. Cinderella’s Theme Decoration 

Transport your guests to a magical ball with a Cinderella-themed celebration. Decorate with glittering tiaras, glass slippers, and fairy godmother wands. Create a carriage photo booth and serve elegant treats fit for royalty.

  1. Carnival Theme Decoration  

Bring the whimsy of the carnival to your party with a Carnival theme birthday decoration  Decorate with colorful balloons, streamers, and carousel horse cutouts. Set up a mini carousel ride for little guests and serve classic carnival treats like cotton candy and popcorn.

  1. Pool Party Theme Decoration 

Bring the fun of summer to any celebration with a pool party theme. Decorate with inflatable pool toys, beach balls, and vibrant blue and turquoise colors. Set up a DIY lemonade stand and provide plenty of refreshing drinks and snacks.

  1. Tiffany’s Theme Decoration 

Channel Audrey Hepburn’s iconic style with a Tiffany’s themed party. Decorate with elegant black and white accents, Tiffany blue ribbons, and sparkling diamonds. Serve fancy treats like petit fours and champagne (or sparkling cider for the little ones).

  1. Toys Theme Decoration 

Celebrate the joy of childhood with a toy-themed party. Incorporate classic toys like dolls, teddy bears, and building blocks into your decorations. Create a fun atmosphere with bright colors and playful patterns.

  1. jungle Theme Decoration 

Take a walk on the wild side with a jungle theme birthday decoration  Decorate with animal prints, safari hats, and plush jungle animals. Set up a DIY photo booth with safari props for memorable snapshots.

  1. Donut Theme Decoration 

Indulge your sweet tooth with a donut themed birthday decorations . Decorate with colorful sprinkles, oversized donut balloons, and a DIY donut wall. Serve a variety of delicious donut flavors and toppings for guests to enjoy.

  1. Harry Potter Theme Decoration 

Enter the magical world of Hogwarts with a Harry Potter theme decoration Decorate with house banners, floating candles, and DIY potion bottles. Serve wizard-inspired snacks like butterbeer and chocolate frogs.

  1. Peppa Pig Theme Decoration 

Bring Peppa and her friends to life with a Peppa Pig theme decoration Decorate with pink and teal balloons, Peppa Pig banners, and adorable plush characters. Serve a themed cake and snacks featuring Peppa’s favorite foods.

  1. Neon/Glow in the Dark Theme Decoration 

Light up the night with a neon or glow-in-the-dark themed party. Decorate with fluorescent colors, glow sticks, and black lights. Create a dance floor area with neon lights and play upbeat music for an unforgettable experience.

  1. Princess and the Frog Theme Decoration 

Transport guests to the bayou with a Princess and the Frog themed party. Decorate with lily pads, fairy lights, and magical frog accents. Serve Cajun-inspired dishes and princess-themed desserts fit for royalty.

  1. Bluea Theme Decoration 

Dive into shades of blue with a Bluea themed party. Decorate with blue balloons, streamers, and tableware. Incorporate ocean-themed elements like seashells and starfish for a serene underwater ambiance.

  1. Llama Theme Decoration 

Embrace the llama craze with a llama-themed party. Decorate with colorful piñatas, llama balloons, and cactus accents. Serve South American inspired snacks and drinks for a festive fiesta.

  1. Bunnies/Rabbits Theme Decoration 

Hop into a whimsical world with a bunny-themed party. Decorate with fluffy bunny ears, pastel colors, and carrot garlands. Set up a DIY bunny mask station for guests to create their own adorable masks.

  1. Pumpkin Theme Decoration 

Celebrate the harvest season with a pumpkin-themed party. Decorate with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, fall foliage, and rustic accents. Serve pumpkin-themed treats like pumpkin spice cupcakes and caramel apples.

  1. Toy Theme Decoration 

Embark on a toy-filled adventure with a Toy Story themed party. Decorate with cowboy hats, space-themed decorations, and Woody and Buzz cutouts. Serve themed snacks like “alien” cupcakes and sheriff badge cookies.

  1. Rockets/Outer Space Theme Decoration 

Blast off into outer space with a rocket-themed party. Decorate with silver balloons, starry backdrops, and planet cutouts. Set up a DIY rocket ship photo booth for cosmic snapshots.

  1. Astronauts/Space Theme Decoration 

Inspire dreams of exploration with an astronaut-themed party. Decorate with astronaut helmets, space shuttle models, and galaxy prints. Serve astronaut-inspired snacks like freeze-dried ice cream and moon rock candy.

  1. Strawberry Theme Decoration 

Indulge in the sweetness of summer with a strawberry-themed party. Decorate with red and green accents, strawberry garlands, and fresh strawberry centerpieces. Serve strawberry shortcake, smoothies, and lemonade for a refreshing treat.

  1. Mickey Mouse Theme Decoration 

Celebrate everyone’s favorite mouse with a Mickey Mouse theme decoration . Decorate with red, black, and yellow balloons, Mickey ears, and polka dot accents. Serve Mickey-shaped snacks and desserts for a touch of Disney magic.

  1. Superhero Theme Decoration 

Unleash your inner superhero with a superhero-theme decoration . Decorate with comic book-inspired graphics, superhero capes, and cityscape backdrops. Set up a DIY superhero training course for guests to test their powers.

  1. Flamingo Theme Decoration 

Escape to a tropical paradise with a flamingo-themed party. Decorate with pink flamingo inflatables, palm leaves, and tropical flowers. Serve fruity cocktails and snacks for a taste of the tropics.

  1. Halloween Theme Decoration 

Get into the spooky spirit with a Halloween-theme Decoration . Decorate with jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, and eerie lighting. Set up a DIY haunted house area for guests to explore if they dare.

  1. Dogs/Puppies Theme Decoration 

Celebrate man’s best friend with a Dog-theme Decoration . Decorate with paw prints, dog bone balloons, and plush puppies. Set up a DIY pet adoption station where guests can adopt their own stuffed animal pup.

  1. Rapunzel’s Tangled Theme Decoration 

Embark on a fairy tale journey with a Rapunzel themed party. Decorate with tangled vines, lanterns, and Rapunzel’s signature purple and gold colors. Serve themed treats like “magic hair” spaghetti and tower cupcakes.

  1. Spongebob Theme Decoration 

Dive into Spongebob’s underwater world with vibrant colors, pineapple decorations, and sea creature accents, creating a cheerful and lively atmosphere perfect for a birthday bash filled with laughter and fun.

55 . Pony/House Theme Decoration 

Transform your space into a pony paradise with pastel hues, pony cutouts, and barnyard décor, inviting guests to a charming celebration reminiscent of a magical pony adventure.

  1. Arts and Crafts Theme Decoration   

Foster creativity with DIY decorations, colorful craft stations, and art-inspired party favors, encouraging young artists to unleash their imagination in a colorful and interactive setting.

  1. Circus/Carnival Theme Decoration  

Step right up to a circus extravaganza with striped tents, popcorn stands, and carnival games, setting the stage for a whimsical celebration filled with excitement and wonder.

  1. Swan Theme Decoration 

Embrace elegance with white and gold décor, feather accents, and graceful swan-shaped balloons, creating a sophisticated and enchanting ambiance for a celebration fit for a princess.

  1. Teddy Bear Theme Decoration   

Host a cuddly teddy bear theme decoration featuring plush bear decorations, picnic blankets, and sweet treats, inviting guests to a cozy and charming gathering full of warmth and comfort.

  1. Jasmine Theme Decoration  

Transport guests to Agrabah with jewel tones, Moroccan lanterns, and magical carpet decorations, immersing them in the enchanting world of Aladdin and Jasmine for a magical celebration.

  1. Ladybugs Theme Decoration   

Bring luck and joy to the party with red and black décor, polka dots, and adorable ladybug accents, creating a playful and cheerful atmosphere perfect for a whimsical celebration.

  1. Elephant Theme Decoration   

Embark on a safari adventure with gray and blue décor, jungle foliage, and playful Elephant Theme Decoration props, transporting guests to the heart of the wilderness for an unforgettable celebration.

  1. Winnie the Pooh Theme Decoration 

Journey to the Hundred Acre Wood with honey pots, woodland accents, and beloved character cutouts, creating a charming and nostalgic ambiance for a delightful celebration.

  1. Flinstones Theme Decoration  

Travel back in time to Bedrock with prehistoric décor, stone-age props, and dinosaur accents, setting the stage for a fun-filled celebration inspired by everyone’s favorite caveman family.

  1. Tinkerbell Theme Decoration

    Sprinkle some pixie dust with fairy lights, magical wands, and shimmering fairy wings, creating a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere straight out of Neverland.
  1. Cinco de Mayo Theme Decoration  

Fiesta like there’s no mañana with vibrant papel picado, piñatas, and festive Mexican cuisine, transforming your celebration into a lively and colorful fiesta.

  1. Zoo Theme Decoration   

Take a walk on the wild side with animal print decorations, safari hats, and plush animals, creating a playful and adventurous atmosphere perfect for a safari-themed celebration.

  1. Bears Theme Decoration 

Celebrate cuddly bears with honeycomb accents, Bears Theme Decoration , and cozy décor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for a charming bear-themed celebration.

69 . Mary Poppins Theme Decoration   

Step into the whimsical world of Mary Poppins with vintage-inspired décor, umbrella decorations, and a spoonful of sugar sweetness, creating a magical and nostalgic atmosphere for a delightful celebration.

  1. Descendants Theme Decoration 

Embrace the magic of Disney’s Descendants with edgy decorations, villainous accents, and rockstar flair, creating a stylish and adventurous atmosphere inspired by the beloved characters.

  1. Bumble Bees Theme Decoration 

Create a buzz-worthy celebration with yellow and black décor, honeycomb decorations, and sweet bee-themed treats, setting the stage for a cheerful and playful atmosphere perfect for a whimsical celebration.

  1. Pajamas Theme Decoration   

Keep it cozy with comfy loungewear, pillow forts, and midnight snack stations, inviting guests to a relaxed and carefree celebration filled with laughter and fun.

  1. My Little Pony Theme Decoration  

Enter the colorful world of My Little Pony with rainbow decorations, pony cutouts, and magical unicorn accents, creating a vibrant and enchanting atmosphere perfect for a pony-themed celebration.

  1. Panda Theme Decoration 

Invite the charm of the Orient into your girl’s room with a Panda Paradise theme. Adorn the walls with bamboo decals and fluffy panda posters. Opt for black and white bedding accented with pops of green to mimic bamboo shoots. Scatter plush panda toys around the room for a cuddly touch. Complete the look with paper lanterns in the shape of bamboo leaves for soft, ambient lighting.

  1. Witches Theme Decoration 

Embrace the magic of sorcery with a Witches theme that’s both whimsical and wicked. Deck the walls with black starry curtains and cobweb garlands. Hang a cauldron-inspired lampshade for eerie ambiance. Add pops of purple and green to the bedding for a mystical touch. Finish off with broomstick-inspired shelves to display spellbinding trinkets and potion bottles.

  1. Lilo & Stitch Theme Decoration 

Transport your little one to the sunny shores of Hawaii with a Lilo & Stitch Aloha Adventure theme. Paint the walls a tranquil ocean blue and add sandy beach decals for a tropical vibe. Dress the bed in floral prints and vibrant hues reminiscent of Hawaiian shirts. Scatter plush Stitch toys around the room and hang leis as garlands. Don’t forget to add a surfboard-inspired desk for an extra touch of island charm.

  1. Pigs Theme Decoration   

For a theme that’s as cute as a button, opt for Pretty in Pink Pigs. Pigs Theme Decoration  Paint the walls a soft pastel pink and accentuate with pig-themed wallpaper borders. Dress the bed in cozy pink bedding adorned with adorable piggy prints. Scatter plush pig toys and piggy banks around the room for a whimsical touch. Incorporate pig-shaped pillows and rugs to tie the theme together in style.

  1. Birds Theme Decoration

Create a serene sanctuary with a Birds, Feathers & Nest Nook theme that’s perfect for your little nature enthusiast. Birds Theme Decoration Paint the walls a calming shade of sky blue and hang birdhouse-shaped shelves to display treasures. Adorn the bed with feather-patterned bedding and scatter plush bird toys around the room. Hang delicate birdcage lanterns from the ceiling for a touch of elegance. Complete the look with a cozy reading corner nestled in a woven nest-inspired chair.

No matter which theme you choose, the key to a successful party is in the details. Personalize the decorations to reflect your girl’s interests and style. With these enchanting girl-themed decoration ideas, you can create a magical and unforgettable experience for your little princess!

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