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5 Realistic ways to propose your girl in Bollywood style

Bollywood has set a very high benchmark for approaching a girl and making her fall in love with you. Every girl has a dream of getting proposed by her prince charming just like the Khans do in their movies. This makes it difficult for boys to propose their girls. Maybe due to lack of idea and complexity in the execution of the high benchmarks set by the Bollywood movies in their portrayals of proposals. But what if you have an idea as well as the means of executing it? Then will you take a step forward to blow her mind away?

     So here are 5 ways you can propose your girl in a truly Bollywood style

  1. Flash mob
    Somewhere every girl wants to get proposed in an area where there are thousands of people who are admiring, clapping for her. A place where she gets to feel like a celebrity. In fact when it comes to this mind-boggling method of proposing then who can stop their heart to beat for yours. It’s a very heart melting moment when a guy proposes a girl while dancing with background songs creating goosebumps for everyone and melting the heart of his love.

  2. Propose her in the sky
    Love has wings, it can fly anywhere. So does this idea of proposing your girl. Take her for paramotoring, let her fly on the motor and when she is up in the sky there would be a huge ‘I love you’ or another personal message on the written on the ground. From the ground capture her expression and wait for her tight hug.
  3. Take her for a Dream Dining
    When we think of proposing a girl, dinner often comes in mind but we end up with normal lunch or dinner at some restaurant with a bunch of roses.
    Isn’t it boring?
    Now just imagine your girl is walking down the aisle, which is made up of rose petals and hundreds of candles. And on the side of your lavish dinner table under the dim light of candles with burning flames, you are waiting for your girl with a bouquet, cake, and a guitarist is playing romantic songs for you and the love of your life. This romantic night is one of the most perfect scenes to propose.
  4. Propose her under the roof
    Sometimes budget comes in our way of executing a splendid idea to propose your girl. So pocket-friendly idea to propose your girl that too in Bollywood style is also here:
    Make your home your personal theater by putting a projector. Plan a romantic movie for her, which resembles your own story or the movie which your partner likes the most. Decorate the rest of your hall/room with candles and flowers. Finally, don’t forget to write a sweet message for her using petals on the floor and decorate it with some floated and scented candles.
  5. Love Flight
    Do you remember the scene of 50 shades of Grey, when Mr. Christian Grey takes Anastasia Steele in his private jet and the romantic song “love me like you do” starts? That was one breathtaking scene in the movie. Similarly in reality, every girl wishes to live this moment with her boyfriend. Take a private ride of the flight with your girl and propose her with champagne when you are in the middle of the sky.

Love has no limits. Then why to put a limit on your ideas of proposing your girl?  CherishX,   have amazing ideas to make your moment cherishable or if you have a breathtaking idea let us know, we will help you to execute it.

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