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1204, 2019

Earth, Fire and Air

April 12th, 2019|

F ire is a burning reminder of our own will and creative power while the Earth holds us firm and together on the ground. Earth and Fire share a volcanic as well as an intrusive relationship giving rise to new ideas and experiences along [...]

1505, 2019

Counting Stars in June!

May 15th, 2019|

 Gemini (May 21-June 20) Element:  Air  Ruling Planet: Mercury  Birthstone: Pearl Lucky Colors: Yellow, Green Gemini is the third astrological sign in the zodiac. Represented by twins, Castor and Pollux.  Geminis are adaptable, quick-witted, intelligent and enthusiastic. Ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger [...]

1306, 2019

Does OYO Rooms decorate the room or the hall for special occasions? Do they charge extra for it?

June 13th, 2019|

OYO rooms generally do not provide room decorations. Even If they do, it varies from hotel to hotel and depends upon their policy, and to get your room decorated for your special day, you will have to make so many calls requesting senior managers- [...]

2709, 2019

9 Most Beautiful Party Decoration Ideas to Give Him an Awesome Birthday Surprise at Home

September 27th, 2019|

You know how important he is to you. He completes your world and is the source of your constant happiness. He never forgets your birthday and always gives you the best surprise ever. Now, it’s time that you give him an amazing birthday surprise [...]